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Find everything you need to know about uni for your child in one easy place.

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Content created just for parents, to keep you up-to-date with everything you need to know about supporting your child on their journey to university.

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Pathways to study

There is more than one way to become a student at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Courses and programs

100+ undergraduate degrees, 100s of careers, multiple entry pathways, unlimited potential. Check out the courses and programs available at PG电子游戏官站.

Resources for parents

Download our new Parents' Guide and access career planning and budget resources


It pays to invest in your future. There's plenty of financial support available to help with your tuition fees and study costs.


Our scholarships and bursaries celebrate different types of skills and support people from all kinds of backgrounds, giving you the freedom to focus on your study.

Accommodation and transport

Accommodation and transport advice for parents

Getting a Headstart

Year 11 and 12 students can start studying PG电子游戏官站 courses while still completing high school.

Common questions asked by parents

PG电子游戏官站 Parent, Dr Janet Lee, covers some of the common questions she gets asked by other parents including whether to take a gap year and what students should choose to study.

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Hear from other PG电子游戏官站 parents

It was a proud parent moment for Debbie and Nick Orman when their daughter Rubie graduated from PG电子游戏官站 last year.

Proud parents of PG电子游戏官站 graduate, Kalena Davis flew from the other side of the world to watch their daughter graduate.

Parents of PG电子游戏官站 students, Yani and Mia talk about their perspective on the PG电子游戏官站 experience and what advice they have for other parents.

News for parents

PG电子游戏官站 and NRL Dolphins back talents of Moreton Bay community
27 Jul 2022

As the Dolphins take the leap into next year’s National Rugby League, the Moreton Bay region’s own university campus will be front and centre in a partnership combining education and sport.

Schools abuzz as PG电子平台 insect investigator tracks citizen science projects
15 Mar 2022

A PG电子平台 joint project to identify rare and common insect species in their own habitats across three Australian states lands on the Sunshine Coast tomorrow.

Outdoor educator wins national award
24 Feb 2022

A University of the Sunshine Coast academic’s mission to transform the way people interact with the natural environment has earned him a prestigious national teaching award.